Digital Agency for Social Media Marketing & eCommerce Solution - &hype

At &hype, we are a digital agency primarily working with marketing and create WordPress and Shopify platforms that are tailor-made for desktop and mobile devices. Our specialties also include social media marketing, understanding and optimizing for search engines, branding, design as well as display advertising.

As a digital agency, we produce many tools in the use of marketing for mobile and social media marketing. Moreover, we make applications for retailers that relate to loyalty and bonus schemes. We also provide web design & development based services. We provide Shopify eCommerce platforms, which are the most popular platforms to date.

AndHype is a truly international digital marketing bureau and that is something we are proud of. We work out of three continents for a series of clients across Europe and Africa.

We work in a somewhat non-traditional way by having a core of employees that are specialized in their own fields of production and project management. But who have a solid understanding of it and retail best practices. Truly a modern digital marketing bureau.

One of our main areas of interest is Social Media Marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Create Brand Recognition

Gaining brand recognition is one of any business’ most important marketing goals as consumers want to buy brands they recognize. Thankfully, social media allows for easy and effective brand building.

Social media has a benefit over traditional media because it can get your brand in front of people much more quickly and easily. Furthermore, it gets your audience looking at your brand even when they aren’t thinking about your brand or product. This can be done by the brand themselves, but our experience is that using an effective digital agency acn, in the long run, be very effective.

2. Generate A Conversation Around Your Brand

A strong social media marketing strategy will generate conversation about your brand, products, and partners.

So whether it’s multi-national companies, retail chains, local retailers or mindful dentists…….we welcome you.

3. Help you to Audience Through Social Listening

Social listening is the act of monitoring social conversations around certain topics. It helps you understand what’s important to your audience and identify trends your target audience is following.