Google Maps Is Soon To Reveal An Augmented Reality Makeover With Recommendations Features

The tech giant Google’s popular web mapping service Google Maps is offering a new feature for its users to find their way very easily by utilizing the power of augmented reality.

Google Maps Receives Augmented Reality. This feature was shown at Google’s 2018 I/O conference focusing on its specialties which bring more advancement over the present navigation guide.

These AR graphics have wonderful features like real-time walking directions, points of interest, and also a helpful animal guide, like the cuddly critters you may find on that other augmented reality app, Pokemon Go.

The new AR mode will help you figure out your way by joining together Maps data and Google’s current Street View with a live feed from the camera of the phone to put the walking directions on top of the real picture. The feature also helps to identify nearby places.

Google is incorporating a new feature “ For You “ into Maps that shows recommendations made specifically for you. They are applying for a new “match number” system in order to create a personal score which will help it to think how much you will like the recommendations based on your past food preferences, likes, and reviews.

Some social features are also getting added to Maps which emphasizes on sharing multiple places to acquaintances with a single tap and vote on them together in the real world to choose the desired place to hang out without having to leave the app.

The AR directions feature has no specific release date yet, but the new social and recommendations features are expected to be coming to both Android and iOS later this summer.